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Free Experience Test


Go Direct to NPORS Blue Card with a FREE OPERATOR TEST

Introducing a short term offer, exclusive to MPT.

As explained in further details on the NPORS page, the usual path is as follows:

Test = 2 Year Red Card —> NVQ within 2 Years —> 5 Year Blue Card

Bypass the NPORS Red Card and go directly to an NPORS Blue Card, and get your test free, when you book the NVQ!

Standard test prices start at £275+VAT – you will get this free of charge – multiplied by the number of categories you require!

It really is n offer too good to miss!

Only £595 +VAT

Requirements for “NPORS Direct to Blue – Free Test” special offer

You must have a minimum 12 months experience on the machine(s)

This offer is carried out on your site with your machine(s). You must be able to provide both within a 30 mile radius of our centre. Site specifications differ per machine so please contact us to discuss this.

NPORS Test will be carried out first, followed by NVQ assessment commencing.

Supplement mileage charge may apply for sites outside the 35 mile radius.

CITB Health Safety and Environment Test within the previous 2 years.

£595+VAT is for one category of plant.

Additional charge of £195 +VAT will apply for extra categories (NVQ and Test – usual price approx. £550!)

Call us today on 0161 762 0834 to take advantage of this short term offer.