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NPORS is a widely accepted and extremely versatile accreditation.

We were a founder member on NPORS back in 1992 and it’s something we are very proud of.

Training and testing can be tailored to your exact requirements. For example: If you only use an Excavator in a yard to load from a stockpile, your card can be limited to just that – saving you time and money on training for excavating into the ground.

A Traditional NPORS card lasts for 3 or 5 years, depending on category.

In 2016, NPORS introduced a new “CSCS” version of their card. This card comes with a CSCS logo embossed and is accept on all BUILD UK construction sites.

Following a successful test (either experienced or following training), successful candidates will receive a 2 Year Training Operator (Red) Card.

Within the 2 year lifespan of your Red Card, you will be required to upgrade to a 5 Year Competent Operator (Blue) card. To do this you must complete an NVQ for the relevant unit of plant. A very similar structure to CPCS.


Category Max Experienced Tests Per Day
Dumper and Roller 6
360 Excavator 4
Slinger Signaller 6
Telehandler 4
Lorry Loader 4

Please download our unofficial NPORS guide which explains the cards and processes in further detail.