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How to get a CSCS Gold Card

How to gain a CSCS Gold Card with Manchester Plant Training

The NVQ Level 3 in Occupational Work Supervision is designed for any person or employee that is currently working as a supervisor or foreman and requires a nationally recognised qualification in this occupation.

The NVQ Level 3 is for those who are looking to gain their CSCS Gold Supervisors Card

Please note: This is not a training course. It is an assessment of competence through the recognition of the skills, knowledge and experience the learner already has.


Over 16 years of age.

Currently in employment overseeing a group of same skilled workers (commonly known as a Foreperson or Ganger) such as Bricklayers, Roofing, General Construction, Site Carpentry … the list is endless.


The Level 3 NVQ is assessed on-site.

These on-site assessments are not disruptive to your day of work, the assessor will observe and record your day to day tasks.

Evidence is collected through video, photographs, professional discussions method statements and other job related documents.


Confirming the Occupational Method of Work in the Workplace.

Confirming Work Activities and Resources for an Occupational Work Area in the Workplace

Co-ordinating and Organising Work Operations in the Workplace

Developing and Maintaining Good Occupational Working Relationships in the Workplace

Implementing and Maintaining Health, Safety, Environmental and Welfare Practices in the Workplace

Monitoring Progress of Work Against Schedules in the Workplace

Allocating and monitoring the use of plant, machinery, equipment or vehicles in the workplace

Co-ordinating and Confirming the Dimensional Control Requirements of the Work in the Workplace


On average it can take candidates anywhere between 3-6 months to complete their Level 3 NVQ.

The duration is very much dependent on the quality of evidence that the assessor can collect on each visit


You will need to have passed a CITB Health, Safety and Environment SUPERVISOR Test (AKA CSCS Test) within the past 2 years before we can apply for your CSCS Gold Card.