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CPCS is the most widely accepted card on UK Construction sites.

We offer CPCS Testing on most of the major categories of plant.

If you require training, we have a range of options for you – from full novice training to test preparation mornings. Call us to discuss your requirements.

A CPCS Technical Test consists of a verbal theory test (for which we can provide the questions and study notes) followed by a Practical Test.

If successful, you will receive a 2 Year Training Operator (Red) Card.

Within the 2 year lifespan of your Red Card, you will be required to upgrade to a 5 Year Competent Operator (Blue) card. To do this you must complete an NVQ for the relevant unit of plant. Please see NVQ page for further details.

TIP: When you receive your Blue card, you must start completing a Log Book to record your work. You will need this when it comes to renewing your blue card. Please call or email us if you need help with this.

Please download our CPCS – An Unofficial Guide, which explains the process in further detail.