NPORS – A Quick Guide

NPORS – A Quick Guide

“NPORS is rubbish”,
“Not worth the plastic it’s printed on!”
“NO sites accept NPORS!”

These are just some of the inaccuracies that NPORS are labelled with.

Granted, there was a time when some of the major construction sites would turn their noses up at someone with an NPORS card. Times are changing though and NPORS have done a superb job in getting accepted by Build UK whose members include Balfour Beatty, Skanska, Willmott Dixon, Morgan Sindall and BAM to name but a few.

NPORS is and always has been a fantastic card scheme which ticks many boxes with regards to competence, health and safety along with insurance etc.


NPORS is far more flexible that some other cards schemes, meaning you can tailor the card to your own needs.
For example, if you only use a Telehandler with a Bucket attachment, you can just do the training and testing using a bucket. Why spend lots of time and money learning to use the forks and pallets when you don’t need it?

If you are an employer, you can add commercial restrictions to the card – For example “for use only whilst on YOUR COMPANY sites only”.

This is where NPORS really comes into its own. The variety of categories available is unrivalled.
Sure, they offer the “normal” categories – Excavators, Dumpers, Rollers, Lift Trucks etc but they also have a lot of other courses that other schemes do not.

These include Quick Hitch (Safety or Awareness), Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT and Genny) and Abrasive Wheel.

To get accepted on Build UK sites, NPORS introduced a new type of card – the NPORS Construction Operator card – more commonly known as the NPORS CSCS card.

Here I will explain the differences between the two types of NPORS card.

The “Traditional” NPORS Card

By this, I mean the card that has been around since 1992 when NPORS was formed.

It is perfect for private contractors, councils, landscapers, industrial premises, and a whole host of others.

  • 3 or 5 year expiry date
  • Tests taken on your site or at out training centre in Bury, Greater Manchester.
  • Renew card by taking a refresher test or by an employer endorsement.
  • Can be restricted or bespoke.
  • Training available for less experienced delegates.

NPORS “CSCS” Construction Operator Card

This is the game changer. The card that has been a long time coming for NPORS.

“In Line with the Government Strategy for Construction for a single logo that card schemes can work to, and as a result of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) decision to award the single logo status to CSCS, the NPORS Construction Operator Card will in future be issued in line with the requirements stipulated by the CLC and will display the CSCS logo.” – NPORS Website, October 2019

What this means is that instead of being asked “What type of card do you have?”, operators will be asked “Does your card have a CSCS logo on it?” – The NPORS CO Card does.

The life of an NCO card follows a fairly familiar path:

  • Complete a CITB (AKA CSCS) or NPORS Healthy and Safety Test.
  • Complete a Test
  • Gain a 2 year Red Card.
  • Complete and NVQ.
  • Gain a 5 year Blue Card.
  • Renew Blue Card via Log Book route.

As I said, it sounds familiar doesn’t it?

For a more on NPORS and both cards, please download our NPORS Guide.

If you have any questions regarding NPORS or any of their cards, please give us a call on 0161 762 0834.

Stay tuned for our next guide.



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